Six miles south of the Harpersfield Covered Bridge….
Naturalist Isabelle H. Klein wrote a collection of seasonal letters from her home of Sawdust (named from the sawdust left by the loggers of the early 60’s) for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Explorer Magazine from the winter of 1969 to the summer of 1976. They then were published as the book “Letters From Sawdust” by the Press of Case Western Reserve University for the Museum. It is a lyrical voyage through the seasons at the Sawdust Tract. She details encounters with the wildlife of the area as well as the changing seasons and plant life. Reminiscent of Thoreau’s writings about Walden. In 1978 an additional house was moved onto the property from Sidley’s gravel pit and joined with the existing Klein farmhouse.
Moonshine Cabin, on the land we started with, was renovated and enjoyed it for many years before we added the farmhouse to the land we already owned. At that time we decided to preserve almost 400 acres of the property with the help of the Western Reserve Land Conservatory for the Cleveland Museum Of Natural History. The forest is home to the red-sided dace, and 10 rare species of birds, including cerulean warblers. In spring you will see spring ephemerals; Trillium, Trout Lilly, Blue cohosh, Ramps (Wild Leek) along with many others.
We have been working with the Natural History Museum of Cleveland to help save the West Virginia White butterfly (Pieris virginiensis) a small, white butterfly found in wooded habitats of the northeastern United States. The adult butterfly flies only in April and May, relies on spring wildflowers, such as toothwort, trillium, and violets, for its survival. Current threats include forest fragmentation, deer overpopulation, and the spread of invasive species, such as GARLIC MUSTARD. The butterfly is just one of the native residents of the forest that will be affected if we lose our natural areas and these spring wildflowers. We work every spring from April through May to pull up the Garlic Mustard. If you should see this plant please pull it up and bag it if it has flowers. Thank you for your help with this evasive plant.
Isabelle’s Cabin; where the she wrote her works also known as the “Jug House” is located next to the pond. With the original small family farm and surrounding woods currently being restored and updated; renovations of the two connecting houses are almost completed.
We have just opened one of three bell style tent in the woods. Looking to the future we are hoping to add a Yurt, a tepee, an “A” frame tiny cabin and possibly a RV camper parking spot. We are privileged to call Sawdust home and are glad to share it with you.​